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Handcrafted Websites

Making Websites that Work

Stephen Davy, at Davy and Davy Website Design and Build, specialises in handcrafted, cost-effective, high quality, standards compliant websites that, to put it simply, work.

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My common approach is to design websites that are easy to use, web standards compliant and search engine friendly, with an individuality that reflects the organisation concerned.  My latest designs are "mobile friendly" which ensures good search engine results when viewed on mobile devices.

I design and build websites that are aimed to satisfy the needs and requirements of both the owner and user.  I believe that functionality, usability, accessibility and visual appearance are all essential requirements for any website.

Using design and build techniques and methods that are a blend of both cutting edge and those developed over many years, I hand build websites for the owner with the owner's audience in mind.  A web site needs to achieve what the owner needs it to achieve and I can work with clients to help identify and satisfy those needs. 

Every organisation needs a web presence, whether it be to convey simple "we are here", "this is what we do" or contact information, or for more fully web-based activities.  If you think you need a website, or already have one that perhaps needs an update, then take a closer look at What I Do.