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About Davy and Davy

Davy and Davy is the trading name of me, Stephen Davy, a sole trader designing and building websites from my base in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom.

Handcrafted websites by Davy and Davy

I started building websites in 1995 and so have grown up with, and am still growing up with, the development of the World Wide Web itself.

Although ideally placed to carry out work for organisations in the Yorkshire and north of England areas, with the work being what it is clients can be anywhere and, from time to time, so can I.

Armed with an electronics engineering degree I started my working life in electronics design, designing televisions, but after a short time I moved from electronics design into software design and later into other areas of the business, including marketing.  It was in this role, in 1995 when Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the core of the WWW, was just getting off the ground, that I began to put together a company website, combining my marketing and software experiences.

Over the years in my "spare time" I helped other people in their own areas of business by designing, building and developing websites for them.  These included eCommerce sites as well as simpler information sites.  It was in 2005 that I decided to leave full time and relatively secure employment to go it alone with "Davy and Davy".

My websites are handcrafted in raw HTML and CSS, the "language" of the web.  This ensures standards compliance and thus maximises the probability of their successful operation across all browsers and devices.  For server side programming and databases, where required, I prefer PHP and MySQL which are readily available on most hosting packages and are generally cheaper for the client than the alternatives.  Assuming the client agrees, I now build mobile friendly, responsive layout, websites as standard.